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Re: Original articles/interviews

Postby deniska174 on Sun Jan 01, 2012 2:02 pm

Happy New Year everyone!!!
Thank you, Roko, I'm gonna check your translation of the interview.
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Re: Original articles/interviews

Postby deniska174 on Mon Mar 05, 2012 12:54 pm

Here is one interview with Michal before World Championships.
Roko, I hope you won't be angry at me, because I "stole" this article from your FB... :oops:
I thought you post this article on forum, but you didn't do it... so I translated this interview too... :)
Here you are:

Will Březina break his potato’s damnation?

Figure skater from Brno is going to compete at World Championship in Nice and he hopes, he will be better than the 4th.

He got gold, only imaginary, at the end of the previous year. Figure skater Michal Březina won the survey of the best sportsman of Brno. "I appreciate this award a lot, because I beat many of good sportsmen," says Březina. For example the World Champion Petr Hubáček or Jana Pechanova.

He would like to celebrate similar succes at World Championships in Nice. But he would be happy if he won silver or bronze. Because till now he was on the big competition "only" on the 4th place, four times. "When I will be skate clean and make two quads, then I will be on the podium," trust 21 years old figure skater.

How do you prepare for Worlds?
I spend on ice about 3 hours daily, then I spend all time off-ice. I try focus on stabilization of my quads, and I skate my programs to don't make the same mistakes as at Euros.

Do you eat healthier food before World Championshps?
Nobody watch over me, I know what I can and what I can't. Figure skater can't put 5 kilogram on weight, everything is harder then, we couldn't jump.

How often do you fall?
The worst it is in the period, when you learn how to skate some jump. Then the figure skater falls almost always. But after the years I don't feel the pain when I fall. Of course I fall less now, I know how to fall that it hurts not so much.

At the end of the year you had very difficult program. You got to the Grand Prix Final and you were tired. How do you get throught the tiredness?
Same like the others - I relax and I'm rehabilitating. I stayd at home after these competitions and try to rest myself and get a new energy. It's very difficult mentaally, too. In five weeks I competed at four competitions and it's not normal. Nobody from the best figure skaters in the world don't make this. And I know that I won't repeat this anymore.

Now is the World Championships ahead of you. Will you bring a medal?
I don't make these goals rather. Always when I made it, it was bad. I want just perform my best skate. When I do it and I make two quads, I will be on the podium.

It was the same at the Euros in Sheffield this year. The medal was so near, but you didn't get it. Were you dissapointed?
At the beginning yes. In England it was the biggest chance for me to get a medal. If I didn't make needless mistakes, I would have the medal on my neck.

But to be the 4th best skater in Europe is great. Are you a person who can value this placement later?
I think yes. It's neccesary to realize that it's succes. But I didn't perform my best there, so I always can be better.

For the fourth time you get potato medal from Championships. Do you think it's a damnation?
Definitely not. I know it's all my fault. I always made some stupid mistake. I don't believe that the potato medal is my damnation. If finally I perform a clean skate, then the medal will wait for me.

This year the Championships will be at the day of your birthday...
It's for the first time and maybe I will give myself some present.

[b]What you have to do to make it come true?[/b]
For sure to jump two quads, because without them it won't work. And when you want to get a medal, you have to jump them. Champion has to make them. And then you have to perform a clean skate.

Figure skaters choose every season another music for their programs. How it is for you important?
It's a important element, because the music helps to create something interesting on the ice.

Do you choose your music by myself?
We are talking about music with choreograph and we always have the same opinion.

In the world of figure skating you are quite famous person. But in figure skating the results are in the hands of judges. Do you think the judges are more merciful for you over the years?
Probably yes. It was seen at Euros this year. I got the third highest marks, even my skate wasn't without mistakes. But I can't rely on it. By skaters as I am is important to perform clean skate, because then the judges have to price it. But there are also skaters, who didn't make clean skate and they get good marks. But it's another section.

And what about civil life? Do people recognize you in Brno?
I don't spend much time in Brno. Now I practise in Germany, Oberstdorf. All of people know about me, but on the street they don't connect me with that guy from TV.
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Re: Original articles/interviews

Postby snihy on Mon Mar 05, 2012 2:41 pm

Thank you very much deniska!!

Look, he is talking about music!
I don't know how he may feel when he finds out that we have been "toying" him in our heads in the 2012 Europeans topic.
Today, I made him dance, in my head, to some sexy tango. He looked great! Mr. Camerlengo, sexy tango please!

One concern... Nobody watch over him what to eat? What are the coaches doing? They even don't care his fundamental health? If he doesn't show up to Nice with rosy cheek & full of energy, I will be very mad!! He should look healthy, strong and beautiful coz he's a top figure skater.

(BTW, I read this article in Japanese last night. I caught a link to the translation on twitter. Who translated it? .... well, no surprise nor mystery, it's our member. You know who.)
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Re: Original articles/interviews

Postby deniska174 on Mon Mar 05, 2012 8:13 pm

Ooh, I forgot to post the original article :D

:D :D :D
I really don't know what he could think of our visions of his music :D :D :D

Yes, you're right... if he won't look a full of energy in Nice... then... :D
But I think he mean that he knows what he can and what he can't eat... he is very clever and won't be eat something what could puts some kilograms on his weight... :)
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Re: Original articles/interviews

Postby Roko on Tue Mar 06, 2012 2:36 pm

Thank you deniska for translation!! :D Sorry for not coming here immediately.

deniska174 wrote:I try focus on stabilization of my quads, and I skate my programs to don't make the same mistakes as at Euros.

Way to go!! :D

It's a important element, because the music helps to create something interesting on the ice.

Very true. Some skaters just skate while music is played. Some skaters skate to the music. Some skaters visualize music as if they are the music itself. And Daisuke... he said in his book that he is actually making love with music while he is performing! :oops: It's him who wrote it, not me, so don't blame me. He said he feels so good when he and his music embrace each other and unite so well. His blues program at GPF showed it. He looked, definitely, so happy with the music. (He didn't look happy at FCC. Lovers' spat?)

By skaters as I am is important to perform clean skate, because then the judges have to price it.

Again, this is the way to go. Sometimes judge's evaluation makes me sad or angry and sometimes I think evil-minded judges should be punished publicly. I really hope ISU avoids selecting evil judges for the world championship. I really wish he can skate as he wants in NIce. :)
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Re: Original articles/interviews

Postby snihy on Wed Mar 07, 2012 12:06 pm

deniska174 wrote:he is very clever and won't be eat something what could puts some kilograms on his weight... :)

Yes.... he has to fly so he doesn't need extra weight. I just want him to keep healthy looking and enhance his sustainability.

Roko wrote:Some skaters visualize music as if they are the music itself.

His Kodo program belongs to this group. Someday I wish he can show it in Japan. Not in competition but gala, coz he has to show the semi-naked lookin costume! hmmmm I want to seeee it~~~~~

Roko wrote:he said in his book

I have the book. He cracked me up!
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Re: Original articles/interviews

Postby tara on Thu Mar 08, 2012 2:24 pm

It's between Europeans and Worlds, so we are so lucky to hear about him now.
Thank you Mr.Jiří Vlček for writing about him. :D
Thank you roko for finding the interview, and deniska for translation.
He has not updated his facebook or tweet or official site, and I think it means he is really working hard for the Worlds.
I'm looking forward to watching his very best Kodo and very best Untouchables!!! :D :D :D
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Re: Original articles/interviews

Postby snihy on Sat Mar 10, 2012 3:27 am

tara wrote:I'm looking forward to watching his very best Kodo and very best Untouchables!!! :D :D :D

Yes! I wanna watch the very best figure skating from him!
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Re: Original articles/interviews

Postby deniska174 on Mon Apr 09, 2012 11:50 am

Soooo... finally here's the radio interview with Michal... it was a bit difficult to translate it, because it was soooooo long interview, but here you are: :)

Moderator: Good morning, the invitation to the radio accepted the Czech figure skater Michal Březina. Good morning Michal.

Michal: Good morning.

Moderator: What did you manage to do after Worlds in Nice, did you manage also some rest?
Michal: I managed to come home and took a part in charitative event in Brno, Easter On Ice and still I’m taking some rest now and next week I will start to practise.

Moderator: So do you take a rest at exhibition?
Michal: Yes, I’m taking rest at exhibition.

Moderator: Did you celebrate your 22th birthday on Friday in Nice or did you celebrate it at home in Brno?
Michal: I celebrated it a little bit on Friday after the SP.

Moderator: The second place is wonderful.
Michal: And I think it was enough for celebrating, the celebration after the SP was so adequate.

Moderator: So additionaly, happy birthday to you.
Michal: Thanks.

Moderator: The Czech figure skater Michal Březina finally didn’t win the medal, after not so good FS he finished at 6th place. And we can talk with him about his feelings from Worlds. How many times did you replay everything in your head – warm-ups, SP, FS?
Michal: To tell the truth, I really don’t remember SP, and sometimes I imagine my FS in my head. If I perform a good program, I have always nothing in my head and I skate it automatically and then I don’t remember anything from my performance. So then I know, if I skated well or not. The SP was good, but FS not, but I try to not to think about it and go on, because the 6th place is still very good placement, so I try to not to think about it that it wasn’t so good as I wanted and I’m going to practise on, to be better next year.

Moderator: But to be in the top 6 at Worlds is very good.
Michal: I think it’s a good result and in the top 6 I’m for three years now, so I think it’s important.

Moderator: So it wasn’t so big failure. How did you feel before you traveled to Nice?
Michal: I had strong motivation and I was good in practise, especially in SP you could see it that my practise helped me and it worked out and I was looking forward to Nice, this was my first competition on which I was really looking forward.

Moderator: And why?
Michal: I really don’t know why, maybe it was because I was for the first time competing at the seaside.

Moderator: Oh, the palms and beaches...
Michal: Palms, beaches... even if I didn’t swim, everything there was beautiful.

Moderator: But anyway you wouldn’t have time to do this, would you?
Michal: Perhaps not. I competed at the end of the week, but I came on Sunday and till Friday I practised every day, so I hadn’t got much free time.

Moderator: Everybody saw, that your SP was very good, even I found out, that your SP was the 6th best SP in history of figure skating.. So nothing was in your head?
Michal: Yes, I had nothing in my head. But I found out that my SP was the 6th best in the history when I came to dressing room, or even I read it then in newspaper. And I think this is really important award, especially for me.

Modertor: Yes, you entered in the history of figure skating.
Michal: Yes, we can say.

Moderator: But after your FS you hid your head in your hands. Were you very angry at himself?
Michal: I wasn’t so angry at my quads, because I knew that the other skaters performed clean skate and even if I made no mistakes in my quads, it couldn’t help me. But I was angry at myself a bit in the end, where I didn’t jump one combination well and the other combination wasn’t also really good. So I was a bit angry, because in practise it was everything good and I hadn’t any problems with it.

Moderator: So you weren’t so angry at himself because of the fall and the hand on the ice?
Michal: No, I wasn’t angry at myself because of the fall and hand on the ice, but because of the combinations, which I jumped in practise and here I couldn’t perform them so well.

Moderator: And if your skating was without falls, do you know if it was enough to get the medal?
Michal: It would be enough if I performed it without mistakes. If I wouldn’t fall and wouldn‘t make little mistakes I think I could win the medal. But unfortunatelly I didn’t win it, the others performed clean and if I had only one little mistake, I wouldn’t get the medal.

Moderator: After the competition you admited that it was because of the athmosphere in hall after the amazing performances of Hanyu and both of French skaters, so maybe next time you should go far away from ice.
Michal: I think next time I will take headphones and I will listen to the music and I will go far away from ice. I have never had problems with this, for example at Olympics I started after Patrick Chan and at Euros after Plushenko and it was no problem for me and maybe the main reason was that I started at the end of the warm-up group and I was sitting next to the ice and I heard everything, all the skaters who started before me, especially both French skaters and Daisuke Takahashi. This was probably the main reason. I didn’t mind when the audience applaused the skaters before me, the main problem was that I was sitting there and heard all the reaction of the others perfomances.

Moderator: But you can be glad that you got 2 places for the Czech Republic to the next Worlds and you don’t have to compete with Tomas.
Michal: I’m very glad that I got 2 places for the next Worlds in Canada, it’s very important, because if we both skate there well we could get 3 places for Olympics. So it’s really very important, especially for Czech Republic, because we have never had 3 men at Olympics, even when Jozef Sabovčík and Petr Barna was competing, so it would be historical moment for Czech figure skating. So I’m very glad that I stayed in the Top 6 and noone from us have to go to the qualification and we both can go to the main competition.

Moderator: Let’s go to dream a bit more. Is it possible for both of you to win the medals at the same competition?
Michal: I think it’s possible, this year at Euros we were so close, but our quads weren’t so good, but I think it’s real and I hope we could make it at least once.

Moderator: And what will you do now?
Michal: Now I’m going to make my schedule for next season. I have to find out when I will create new programs, when will really start my new season. I will start in the gym and from next week I will start to practise on the ice, but it won’t be the same like before Worlds, it will be only the practise to not forget the jumps and then in the end of April I will start to practise normally.

Moderator: And when will you start to compete?
Michal: I will start to compete in September.

Moderator: And what about the holidays?
Michal: Basicly, I’m on holiday now, because I was on the ice after Worlds only once at Easter On Ice for maybe two hours, so for me I’m on holiday, but maybe in the half summer I will have holiday for one week or 10 days, we’ll see.

Moderator: So the holidays of sportstars looks like this. And which summer sport do you like the most? For example inline skating?
Michal: I was only two-times on in-line skates, to tell the truth...

Moderator: Really?
Michal: Yes, only two-times, I have them at home but I don’t use them so often.

Moderator: And how it was on inline skates?
Michal: It wasn’t so good, I prefer the ice, the asphalt isn’t so good for me.

Moderator: So for sure you have so many things to think about them, because the next Worlds will also the qualification for the Olympics, did you talk about it with your coaches?
Michal: The World Championships will be in one year, so I don’t think about it much, I know that we have 2 places and now I know that I have to take care of my health and then there won’t be nothing what could stop me to not to go to the Worlds, so now I don’t think about it, I try to think about the start of the new season, about my new programs and about my summer practise.

Moderator: Can you play ice-hockey?
Michal: I can, I think I can use hockey stick a bit, I don’t say that I could play hockey with guys from Kometa Brno , but I think I can skate well, I’m also quick on the ice and I have the ballance on the ice, so I think it could be quite good...

Moderator: But you had to put on weight first...
Michal: Yes, I had to put on weight,because I have only 65 kg and when you look at guys from Kometa, they have 80-90 kg, so if they bumped me a bit I would end up in the third row on the tribune

Moderator: And can you imagine Jaromír Jágr as figure skater?
Michal: Maybe he could try the pairs, because he is tall and he has wide arms and it’s very good for lifting up the girls.

Moderator: Ok, we will ask Jaromír Jágr, what he would say about it. Your father was also figure skater, so is this the reason why you are figure skater?
Michal: Maybe yes, but nobody forced me to skate if I wouldn’t like to do it. I wanted to start with ice-hockey, when our hockey players won in Nagano I wanted to be as Jaromír Jágr. So this was my begin in figure skating, my father wasn’t against it, he said me that first I have to learn skate if I want to be as Jágr and to get stability on the ice, I was 7 years old and it was the first step to figure skating and then in Brno choose me to the skating club and I stayed here.

Moderator: And when came the first success?
Michal: I don’t remember when it was, maybe when I was 10 years old I won my first competition. At the beginning it was very difficult, the other skaters was better than me, so it was a bit frustrating from the beginning but then it was better, I started to win competitons and I wanted to do figure skating more and more.

Moderator: The best achievement was the silver medal from World Junior Championships in 2009, right?
Michal: Yes, because there are only two figure skaters in the Czech Republic who have the silver medal from World Junior Championships, me and one pair couple from Brno, so this was the biggest achievement till now for me. I have many small medals, the silver medal from SP at Euros last year, the bronze medal from FS at Worlds in 2010 and now the silver medal from SP, so I’m still waiting for the big medal.

Moderator: How often do you practise?
Michal: To tell the truth, when I was young I couldn’t imagine that I would spend so much time at the ice rink, but now it’s almost all day when I’m at the ice rink. And I can’t imagine that I wouldn’t go to the ice rink even if I don’t have to be there. So maybe it’s a bit strange that I’m at the ice rink when I don’t have to be there.

Moderator: So maybe it’s nice dependence...
Michal: Yes, some kind of dependence, I can’t simply give up to go to the ice rink.

Moderator: And how many hours do you spend on the ice?
Michal: I practise 3 hours on the ice and then I also practise off-ice.

Moderator: And how does you practise off-ice look like?
Michal: I have conditioning couch who cooperates with tenis players, Petr Košir. So it means I do strengthening, stretching and running, these are the things when you have to do something with your body and it helps me a lot, so together with practise on the ice I practise 5-6 hours every day.

Moderator: And do you have also ballet training?
Michal: Yes, we also have ballet couch, we do classic and modern ballet, because it’s connected with figure skating, because we have to know how to move our body, what to do with our body. And we do also something different with our body and something different with our legs at the same moment, so this everything is included in ballet. On the ice it’s very difficult to do these things, so therefore we do it off-ice, it’s a bit easier.

Moderator: And how do you create your programs then? It’s your work or work of your coaches?
Michal: We create programs together with my choreographer, Pasquale Camerlengo, we always agree about music and where will be the jumps on the ice and then we started to work on it. We don’t draw it where everything will be and then we put it together. We step on the ice and everyone talk something, how I would like to jump and Pacquale then adapt it for me and we always find a compromise.

Moderator: And how do you draw your programs?
Michal: Normally, on the paper.

Moderator: And do you draw figures or only names of elements?
Michal: No, we only make a point where for example is axel or salchow and then the paper looks like it was drawn by a little child. But it helps a lot, when I see it on the paper then it’s easier for me to perform it on the ice.

Moderator: And what about the relationships between elite figure skaters? Is there a place for friendships?
Michal: Yes, there is. I have many friends, not only from my category, but also from other categories, my best friends is Ondrej Hotárek, he represents Italy, but he is from Brno and then also the others, for example Daisuke Takahashi or Patrick Chan. But it’s really difficult to get to Patrick, because he is always focused on competition, but when you start to talk with him, he is nice guy.

Moderator: And in which language do you communicate with them? In English?
Michal: Yes, most of all in English. But there is also Russian language usedin figure skating.

Moderator: The girlfriends of many figure skaters are also figure skater. You also dated with your American colleague from dance couple Allison Reed. Do you think it’s possible to establish a relationships with someone who isn’t figure skater? Do you have a time for it?
Michal: Unfortunatelly, I have no time for this. And as I said before, I think I couldn’t date with somebody except figure skater, because it’s really difficult to explain someone that I almost all the time spend at the ice rink, even if I don’t have to be there, so it’s difficult, because for me figure skating is very important. I had to discontinue school, so I don’t have many friends from school. For me the figure skating is the most important thing in my life.

Moderator: So then your fans have bad luck...
Michal: Yes, my fans have bad luck.

Moderator: And what about your relationships with your fans? You have fanclub not only in the Czech Republic, but also in Russia and Japan.
Michal: When I compete, I try to meet with my fanclubs, they always ask me some questions and I asnwer them. And it’s very nice when you compete somewhere and you see Czech flags and T-shirts with my name. It’s very nice when people like you also abroad, not only in the Czech Republic.

Moderator: And how many plush toys do you have at home?
Michal: After the exhibition in Brno not so many. I had many plush toys but I decided to take them at this event and I give them to children. They aren’t my talisman, I got them at competitions...

Moderator: Yes, I mean this, because always at competitions fans fill up the ice with many toys...
Michal: Exactly.

Moderator: And then you have to take care to not bump into them.
Michal: I take them at home and then I have them in my bedroom but I decided to take them on Easter On Ice to give them to children. They will enjoy them more than me.

Moderator: You made them happy.
Michal: I hope.

Moderator: So thanks for interview and I wish you a good luck.
Michal: Thanks.

Moderator: Bye.
Michal: Bye.
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Re: Original articles/interviews

Postby Roko on Mon Apr 09, 2012 5:40 pm

Deniska, you've done it already! So quick! Thank you very much!!
Now I understand what he said :D This interviewer is nice, isn't it? Questions are great.

It's interesting that he draws new programs on paper to remember.
I thought he would use video camera.
If he draws step sequence, I want to see it!! (because I'm step sequence geek :geek: )

He must be busy this off season. Moving to USA... and it's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life~~~~~~~~ :D
I wish all the very best of luck for his new aggressive move.
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